2 Minutes Stretching Will Give You Relief from Knee Pain

Almost everyone can agree to experience some sort of knee pain at least once in their life, whether it is caused from excessive amounts of foot pronation, over the use of muscles protection our vulnerable joints, arthritis, or simply taking a hard knock on the knees largest joint in human body

The great news is that most conditions of chronic muscle and joint pain are avoidable as studies show that physical therapy and exercise can have the same effect. Depending on the joint pain causes, learning how to strength and stretch the important muscles which work to support the joints will ultimately help upkeep the health condition of this crucial body part.

When you feel a sharp pain in your knees, even simple movements such as walking or crossing your legs can be difficult to manage. Being limited to a certain range of motion will also take a toll on your everyday activities, but we’ve got good news: This 2 minute stretching will give you relief from knee pain instantly.

A fitness expert tells us that knee pain isn’t exactly uncommon among most adults as if you haven’t yet experienced it, there’s a big chance that you will at some point in your life. According to the Center for Disease Control, 50% of us will develop arthritis in our knees by the time he hit 85 years old.

To being opening up your range of motion in your knees and fight off muscle and joint pain, this simple but effective stretch will help. All you need is a kitchen towel or a hand towel and fold it up. Place is directly behind your knee as high into the joint and set the heel down on a chair, edge of the couch, or a block. Once you are in position, give yourself a squeeze. This works by contracting the calf muscles and hamstrings by creating a little space in the knee joints. You can continue on the opposite site and repeat the stretch while you contract and relax whenever you feel your knee joints opening up.

Having a proper form is important to protecting your knees and this exercise will keep your muscle and joints healthy. There are other ways to help prevent and relieve knee pain as well as its causes.

Here are a few more ways to ease knee pain:

Stretch the Muscles of Your Knee

Most of us sit in the desk throughout the day, our butt muscles become imbalanced. The hip adductors and hamstrings begin to become overused – thus resulting in muscles and joint pain. Proper stretching will help strengthen the muscles. Practicing hip extensions are very helpful to strengthening the glutes.

Strengthen your butt

Common Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears occur when large hip joints and muscles are weak. This is 8x more likely in women athletes and has also been proven to lead to other cartilage tears that correlate with knee arthritis.

Strengthen Your Core

A weak core will result to your pelvis tilting forward, thus resulting in excessive lower back curvature facing inward. By exercising the core, this will help strengthen your back to form a neutral spine and place the knees in the ideal position for movements that don’t cause any joint compression. Try different core exercises such as a workout like yoga, dance, or kickboxing.

A healthy BMI

The cause of obesity puts you at a higher risk to develop osteoarthritis in the knees. Research suggest that having a 10% decrease in weight will also have a 25% increase. This means that fat lowers muscle strength while extra body weight also increases a strain to the joints of the knees.

Start burning the excessive calories without adding pressure towards the knees. Try swimming, an elliptical trainer, water aerobics, or cycling!

Take care of your feet

5-inch stilettos look fabulous but it is important to keep in mind that wearing high-heels increase pressure on your joints by almost 24%. While heels tighten calf muscles, it is also another cause of joint pain.

Consider the ballet flat shoe trend and let your body stretch your calves. Be sure to replace your fitness shoes frequently. Doing so is a great way to prevent your feet from walking with poor muscle support as well as for your joints and arches.


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